Sunday, November 30, 2008

Travel Insurance

I’ve often wonder how people can go on vacation and even business trips without travel insurance. Really .. it is crazy.. to be honest! even if you are doing a guided tour thing, one should always get insurance.

Be Smart When Choosing Your Car Insurance Provider

Choosing a car assurance provider is not resembling buying a sandwich or a new brace of shoes. Car assurance is a huge intrusting, a huge charge, and potentially a major authority on your life.

Cheap Car Insurance for Lady Students

If you are a lady student, you are almost certainly sure that you have the weightiness of the world on your shoulders.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Bitter truth about motor insurance!

100% Insurance cover = 60% Settlement claim. Kamiya Jani, After working hard and saving up, Pradeep Vazirani bought his dream SUV, last year. He says after his wife, his only love is his car.

bestweek: Skewed Mortality Projections Grave Concern for Life ...

bestweek: Skewed Mortality Projections Grave Concern for Life … Reuters - 5 hours ago Also, in bestweek US/Canada: Cigna Corporation, President David Cordani predicts consolidation to continue in the US health insurance industry, … ...

Funny story about health insurance

Remember that big debate health insurance we had a while back where some argued people were being lazy, and that's why the couldn't buy insurance? Funny thing, they aren't buying it because they can't afford it!

What a insurance firm aren't telling you nearly your premium

Although insurance underwriter offer peace of mind to the policy holders, it is important for tons client to remember that they are for benefit companies, and accordingly your own portable interest is non their first priority.